We have made life a whole lot easier for the online retailer.  We have a disk of jpeg images of all of our paper products and our stickers ready to be uploaded to your website. The price for the disk is $200. You forward your orders to us, we print them and either ship them back to you or directly to your customers. It really is that easy!  We have broken our album down into 4 categories. We have had beautiful custom linen binders in 4 different colors created that you will love. The first album is the Everyday Collection. This book includes all of your wedding, party and stationery needs for adults and almost adults. The second album is the Kids Collection. It includes all of your birthday party invitations, kids thank you notes, stationery and kids calling card designs. The next album is the Baby Collection. It includes all of your birth announcements, stationery, calling cards and baby shower invitations. The last album is the Holiday Collection. It includes all of our holiday photo cards, invitations and kids fill in thank you notes. Each album is $240 each with the 4 album set for $900. They are beautiful linen albums with the entire Sugar Cookie Cards line represented. Email us as soon as possible at if you would like to be put on the list to receive a set from the next printing. All orders must be prepaid with a visa/mastercard or a check.  Please email us if you have any questions. Thanks, Ashley 

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